Tips to detox lungs for heavy smokers

Smoking not only affects the smoker but also harms those around him or her. Due to the toxic gases and chemicals, the lungs of smokers are always full of tar that can make the lungs malfunction, apart from causing a host of serious illnesses, such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, etc. Being a life-saving organ, lungs play a crucial role in removing toxic gases from the body. As lungs get heavily damaged due to smoking, it is essential to detoxify the lungs to eventually quit smoking. While it is proven that heavy smoking reduces the lifetime by a considerable period of time, there are ways to quit smoking and cleanse the lungs.

As such, detox for smoking and alcohol is nothing new; many detox products have been in the market for long. While looking for detox, it is essential to pay attention to the fact that it is not enough to cleanse the lungs just once. To keep the lungs away from any harm, one must always follow some useful tips.

Some of the evidence-based measures have been mentioned below:

Bringing lifestyle changes

While it is always good to think about the ways to detox and cleanse the lungs by expunging harmful toxins, one must understand that he or she is ready to bring in positive changes in his or her lifestyle. More than any other factor, getting rid of smoking, the habit that makes one’s lungs a dumping ground for harmful chemicals, is the prerequisite in all circumstances.

However, just cessation of smoking may not be effective enough in reviving back the lost health. Smokers must also try to rejuvenate the lungs by opting for regular workouts. Exercise not only makes the lungs healthier, but can also provide the body a great help in developing a healthier immune system against various diseases. At least half an hour of exercise is recommended for those who want to detox their lungs for better results.

Avoiding toxins

As toxins are present almost everywhere, they may get into the lungs through various ways. If one is dealing with paints, detergents and bleaches all the time, they may get into the lungs and cause severe repercussions. While it is important to stay away from smoking, one must also try staying away from toxins as much as possible. One of the best ways to stay away from toxins is to try alternatives available in the stores. If one fails to take the above measure, all the initiatives to strengthen and cleanse the lungs may go in vain.

Going herbal

One sure shot way to augment the detoxification of lungs is by opting herbal products for day-to-day use. Several herbal foods, such as licorice, help in removing the stored mucus from the lungs and smoothening the irritated tissues of the vital organ. Undoubtedly, going the herbal way is one of the best possible routes to cleansing and rejuvenating the lungs.

Choosing foods wisely

Overall, one must choose foods wisely to get the best detox results. Some foods, such as green leafy vegetables and organic foods, are considered best for the detox purposes. Additionally, onions and garlics are also equally good for the lungs. Apart from having antiviral and antibacterial properties, these natural foods may help in healing and reducing the dangerous effects of smoking on this vital organ that manages the breathing mechanism.

Medicinal detox may be the way too

While the above-mentioned techniques are some of the simplest ways to detox from smoking, those who have a long history of smoking and alcohol addiction may need medicinal detox. Apart from healing the lungs holistically, medicinal detox helps in reducing the cravings for substances.

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