Insight into detoxification-4: Holistic improvement in health possible through detoxification

Insight into detoxification-4: Holistic improvement in health possible through detoxification

People use many products and methods like exfoliation to remove the dead cells and dirt from the skin. Besides making the skin radiant, the cleansing also makes the skin healthy. However, doing the same with the inner body is not possible. Hence, comes the process of detoxification, also known as detox, which is quite similar to scrubbing the inner body by removing the stored toxins. While people adopt detox measures, such as healthy food, detox tea and juices, to lead a healthy life, detox is also the first line of treatment for recovery from addiction.

Detox helps the recovering patients to reduce the use of addictive substances by expunging harmful toxins stored in the body due to the usage of the substance for a long period of time. Although detox alone cannot ensure complete recovery, it is surely the first step toward the larger goal.

As detox is designed to treat the immediate withdrawal symptoms witnessed upon the stopping of the substance use, it might not be an easy process. Often associated with immense pain, discomfort and stress, detox is unfortunately feared by many. However, it is essential to note that detox is one of the most reliable ways to rehabilitate oneself to a healthy life.

With detox programs being designed to provide comfort and ease the withdrawal symptoms by keeping the patients under medical supervision, people should no more dread undergoing it for a better future. As part of the series, “Insight into detoxification,” the current article discusses detox in detail to highlight its emotional and physical benefits.

Step-by-step procedure to ease withdrawal symptoms

Addiction occurs when one’s body becomes completely dependent on a substance for its natural mechanism, metabolism and functioning. Detox enables one to quit any substance by rebuilding his or her body’s natural functioning, such as metabolism. As the body is forced to give up the dependency and perform all the functions on its own, detox is largely discomforting.

In the entire process, withdrawal symptoms, such as nausea, dizziness, headaches, etc., are the first and major hurdles. While some of these symptoms are bearable, others, such as seizures and stroke, can be risky and life-threatening.

Though all the patients have to in all circumstances experience the withdrawal symptoms when undergoing addiction treatment, these can be managed, lessened and eased with a detox program. Detox programs create a step-by-step procedure to reduce the substance use and are performed under the care of a qualified medical professional.

Regain overall well-being through detox

Depending on the type of substance and severity of addiction, a detox program is designed for a person. Based on the above factors, the duration of a detox program can range from few days to a week and months (in severe cases). At the end, detoxification aims at the successful withdrawal from substances by benefiting the person in the following way:

  • Emotional benefits: Besides causing physical damages, addiction also leads to emotional impairment, which eventually causes disconnection from friends, family and loved ones. By becoming habitually dependent on a substance, one also loses connection with reality and emotionally stoned. A detox program not only trains the patients to resist drugs by curbing their cravings, it also makes them emotionally stronger.
  • Physical benefits: Detox helps the body get rid of the dependency on a substance by rebuilding its chemistry and making it self-sufficient again. As detox programs often involve activities like exercise, meditation, yoga, etc., they further help in strengthening the immune system and maintaining a good health.

Be addiction-free

Rather than stigmatizing substance abusers, one should assist them in successfully overcoming the dependency on substances. As addiction causes both mental and physical damages, detoxification becomes important in strengthening both emotional and social aspects of an individual.

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