Cocaine can make cells commit suicide

Cocaine can make cells commit suicide

The problem of cocaine abuse has massively affected the world. An extremely potent and addictive stimulant used for increasing the level of alertness and energy, cocaine is one of the oldest known psychoactive substances in the world. Repeated exposure to cocaine leads to the acclimatization of the brain to its repercussions. Read more

How to convince a person dependent on drugs to get help

People falling into the trap of alcohol or drugs often struggle hard to detach themselves from the grip of addiction. While stigma is a major factor that restrains users from seeking help from others, numerous underlying causes inhibit them from choosing the path to recovery. After getting neck-deep in substance abuse, it becomes immensely difficult for any person to break away from any kind of drug-seeking behavior. Read more

Can improper detoxification be life-threatening for individuals with addiction?

Fatal attraction toward illicit substances can immensely narrow down the scope of recovery by developing dependence and increasing tolerance. From interrupting one’s normal functioning in daily life to accelerating the aging process, substances like drugs or alcohol can cause a serious alteration in the brain and the body.

One may start using drugs or alcohol out of curiosity or just as a means of experimentation, it may over time cause tolerance and apparently lead to an addiction. Therefore, it is essential to undergo a recovery plan at the earliest to avoid any form of life-threatening repercussions. Any kind of delay in treatment can also have adverse implications on the first step toward sobriety known as detoxification. Read more

Peer victimization leads to depressive symptoms and substance use, finds study

Children during late childhood and early adolescence are highly vulnerable to peer victimization. Research has suggested high prevalence of victimization among youth who have low social status, or with often-stigmatized characteristics, such as obesity and chronic health conditions. Boys are found to experience different types of peer victimization including physical aggression and verbal bullying as compared to girls.

In addition, researchers have highlighted the possibility of association between substance use and peer victimization. Youth who experience bullying in adolescence are more likely to indulge in substance use or abuse during adolescence that may continue into adulthood. On the similar lines, a recent study explored the association of peer victimization in early adolescence and the onset of substance use of marijuana, alcohol and tobacco during mid- to late adolescence. Read more

Why crystal meth abuse gives one a gaunt look

Scientists have probably figured out why methamphetamine (also known as meth or crystal meth) abuse gives people a gaunt look or induces striking changes in their physical features. According to a study by the scientists from the Italian Institute of Technology and UC Irvine, published in the open-access online journal PLOS ONE, meth abuse leads to stark abnormalities in the fat metabolism of cells.

This malfunction triggers a rise in a type of molecule in the cells that causes premature aging and cell death. Further research has revealed that crystal meth by damaging the brain and other body organs causes diseases related to aging, such as coronary atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and pulmonary fibrosis (scarring of the lungs). Therefore, it is essential to understand the consequences of abusing crystal meth to avert the above-mentioned adverse effect. Read more

Tips to detox lungs for heavy smokers

Smoking not only affects the smoker but also harms those around him or her. Due to the toxic gases and chemicals, the lungs of smokers are always full of tar that can make the lungs malfunction, apart from causing a host of serious illnesses, such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, etc. Being a life-saving organ, lungs play a crucial role in removing toxic gases from the body. As lungs get heavily damaged due to smoking, it is essential to detoxify the lungs to eventually quit smoking. While it is proven that heavy smoking reduces the lifetime by a considerable period of time, there are ways to quit smoking and cleanse the lungs.
Read more

Alcohol at the friendly neighborhood store: A new menace

It is an accepted truth that alcohol consumption is detrimental to health and well-being. However, the number of people indulging in drinking has grown so dramatically that drinking alcohol is not considered a taboo anymore. One of the reasons for the increased prevalence of drinking is the availability of alcohol at commonplaces, such as bookstores, amusement parks and, of course, shopping malls. Read more

Misconceptions, glitzy ads pushing youngsters toward fancy e-cigarettes

According to a recent National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) report, the use of most of the drugs and other substances are markedly decreasing among the teens, except electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), in the United States. In fact, teenagers and adolescents are likely to use e-cigarettes comparatively more than cigarettes.

One can figure out the rising menace of e-cigarettes by the fact that its use has risen to 9.5 percent among eighth graders, 14 percent among 10th graders and 16.2 percent among 12th graders, which is comparatively more than the use of cigarettes. Such a disturbing trend has become a matter of concern among experts because recent studies have highlighted that e-cigarettes are as harmful as normal cigarettes. Read more

Insight into detoxification-4: Holistic improvement in health possible through detoxification

People use many products and methods like exfoliation to remove the dead cells and dirt from the skin. Besides making the skin radiant, the cleansing also makes the skin healthy. However, doing the same with the inner body is not possible. Hence, comes the process of detoxification, also known as detox, which is quite similar to scrubbing the inner body by removing the stored toxins. While people adopt detox measures, such as healthy food, detox tea and juices, to lead a healthy life, detox is also the first line of treatment for recovery from addiction. Read more

Insight into detoxification – 3: Difference between inpatient and outpatient detox

Addiction to a substance does not develop by choice. Also, a person trying drugs for the first time does not aspire to develop an addiction. For any addiction to develop, it undergoes several stages starting from habit, dependence and tolerance that eventually leads to addiction. Although it is hard to realize the development of an addiction, recognizing it can be the first alarm. Ideally, this should be the immediate stage to undergo a detox program and prevent the development of the addiction. Read more