Opioid overdose more common than perceived

The opioid overdose crisis has been one of the most devastating blows to befall the United States that has taken more lives than any American war, natural disaster or acts of terror. The efforts to curtail the proliferation of this deadly outbreak has been met with much criticism as most of the populations continue to show the signs of opioid abuse and continue to witness a marked escalation in opioid overdose. Read more

Pharmacy supplying NFL players gets busted by DEA

There has been an ongoing problem with prescription drug abuse in the NFL. Numerous players have come forward confessing to using and abusing prescription drug in recent years. While some may assume the professional athletes in questions received these pills from local drug dealers, the DEA uncovered the source of these prescription painkillers — a pharmacy. Read more

New OxyContin formula sparks an increase in heroin abuse

Many people are well aware of the prescription drug addiction trend in America. For many, it is deemed more acceptable than abusing street drugs because the medication can be obtained with a doctor’s permission. Prescription drug abuse doesn’t hold the same stigma as other hard drugs, yet it takes more lives than all other illicit drugs combined. According to the Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality, nearly four out of five people who use heroin started with prescription painkillers. Ironically enough, an attempt to hinder the excessive abuse of the popular prescription opioid OxyContin has actually caused a spike in the amount of people switching over to heroin. Read more