HHS chief bats for medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction

HHS chief bats for medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction

Looking at the worsening opioid epidemic ravaging the United States, the federal government has been formulating various policies and plans to combat the situation. With over 64,000 Americans succumbing to drug overdose deaths in 2016, as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it is time to expand effective treatment options for addiction. One such option promoted by the Donald Trump administration is medication-assisted treatment (MAT) Read more

Opioid overdose more common than perceived

The opioid overdose crisis has been one of the most devastating blows to befall the United States that has taken more lives than any American war, natural disaster or acts of terror. The efforts to curtail the proliferation of this deadly outbreak has been met with much criticism as most of the populations continue to show the signs of opioid abuse and continue to witness a marked escalation in opioid overdose. Read more

Having parents by bedside eases opioid withdrawal symptoms in newborns

Opioid epidemic is wreaking havoc on Americans, and children are no exception. It is estimated that every 19 minutes, an infant is born in the United States with deadly symptoms of opiate withdrawal. Any form of substance abuse during pregnancy, be it cocaine, amphetamine, barbiturates, or opioids like heroin and methadone, endangers the life of both the baby and the mother. A baby exposed to opioids is also at a high risk of birth defects, intrauterine growth, premature delivery and seizures. Read more

Opioids push death rate up among rural white women: Report

Though premature deaths in America have been steadily declining, the trend is almost the reverse among rural white women. According to a recent analysis by the Washington Post, the white women in the age group of 30-44, especially the ones living in rural areas, are dying 47-48 percent faster than 25 years ago, which has put them at an increased risk. Read more

Fentanyl-related drug overdose deaths on the rise in California

With the opioid overdose epidemic tightening its grip over America, a number of people are getting addicted to opioids every day. While the nation is looking for ways to deal with the increasing drug overdose death rate, the Sacramento County Department of Health and Human Services reported 36 overdose cases and nine deaths related to fentanyl in April this year. Read more