California legalizes recreational marijuana; new taxes in the offing

The state of California, home to about 12 percent American population, along with Massachusetts, Maine, and Nevada, legalized recreational use of marijuana on November 8, 2016. Recreational marijuana is already legal in Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, Washington and the District of Columbia. The verdict in favor of marijuana legalization shows the changing attitude of Americans towards the drug. Read more

America’s need for treatment

America’s war on drugs has spanned over 30 years. It has spearheaded the implementation of stricter policies and led to many non-violent drug offenders spending time behind bars. Despite the efforts of law enforcement to lower the substance abuse trend, drug addicts will keep finding another way to get their fix.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration’s survey on drug use and health, 23.5 million Americans struggle with addiction every day, and only 2.6 million (11.2 percent) of them received treatment in a specialized drug addiction treatment facility. These numbers have increased slightly over the past 13 years but, for the most part, have remained fairly consistent. Read more