4 ways digital detox can boost your mental health

In the era of global advancements, technology has made life easier and comfortable. The constant attachment to electronic devices and internet has become a normal feature of everyday life. But various studies suggest that overuse of technology and social media can significantly impact physical and mental health. It may do more harm than good. Read more

Misconceptions, glitzy ads pushing youngsters toward fancy e-cigarettes

According to a recent National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) report, the use of most of the drugs and other substances are markedly decreasing among the teens, except electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), in the United States. In fact, teenagers and adolescents are likely to use e-cigarettes comparatively more than cigarettes.

One can figure out the rising menace of e-cigarettes by the fact that its use has risen to 9.5 percent among eighth graders, 14 percent among 10th graders and 16.2 percent among 12th graders, which is comparatively more than the use of cigarettes. Such a disturbing trend has become a matter of concern among experts because recent studies have highlighted that e-cigarettes are as harmful as normal cigarettes. Read more

Flavored e-cigarettes may produce high level of toxins

The use of e-cigarettes has increased considerably in recent times, although, it has been surrounded with controversy. There are more than 7,000 flavors of e-cigarettes currently available in the market. According to a report by the World Health Organization, nearly $3 billion was spent on e-cigarettes in 2013 by the United States with the sale likely to increase 17-fold in the next 15 years. Read more

National Healthy Lung Month: Forms of tobacco addiction – Cigar

Often considered as a hobby rather than a habit, cigar has slowly gained more popularity than the cigarette. Tagged as classy and elegant, cigar has emerged as the symbol of a high profile lifestyle. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2013, an estimated 12.4 million people in the United States aged 12 years or older (or 5.2 percent) were current cigar smokers. The CDC further observed that cigar use was higher among the youth, especially those who were in the habit of consuming other tobacco products or drugs. Read more

National Healthy Lung Month: Forms of tobacco addiction- Cigarettes

In recent times, innovative methods are being adopted to spread awareness about various issues. A good example of the warning is, “Smoking is injurious to health.” No matter where one goes, whether in public places or in movie halls, one can see this warning screaming at them. Even the cigarette boxes have pictorial warnings printed on the cover. Apart from this, there is widespread awareness about the health hazards of smoking through targeted campaigns. Read more

Unofficial stress relievers: Magnesium

Although expensive medications have been designed specifically to reduce stress, people have sought out cheaper and more natural alternatives to solving their anxiousness. Magnesium (Mg) is an organic mineral that has a long history with the human diet. Although most scientific investigations regarding the substance focus on the negative impacts it inflicts when people are deficient of it, the evidence suggests that magnesium is responsible for a calming sensation.

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