The harmful risks of including alcohol in diet

When a bartender tells you to “pick your poison,” he or she is being fairly accurate about your intentions to drink. In addition to its manipulation of one’s mental capacity, alcohol directly interferes with a number of important nutritional processes in the body. Recent research illustrates the substance’s relationship with malnourishment and other medical health concerns.

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Unofficial stress relievers: Alcohol

Although many individuals use alcohol to self-medicate their own stress, substance use is generally unreliable for achieving peace of mind and tends to lead users to dependency.

In “Does Drinking Reduce Stress?,” an article written in 1999 by Michael A. Sayette, Ph.D., he summarized an effect classified as stress response dampening (SRD) that drinking alcohol can produce. However, Dr. Sayette detailed that since the 1980s, previous studies had found inconsistent measurements of an SRD effect associated with intoxication. Over subsequent years, multiple factors have been identified that fluctuate the stress-relieving impact of alcohol. They include individual differences, such as one’s family history of alcoholism, personality, level of self-consciousness, cognitive functioning and gender. Situational factors like distractions during a stressful situation and the timing of drinking and stress can also mediate alcohol’s effects. Read more

Antioxidants and free radicals: a different type of detox for one’s well-being

When it comes to detox, some people remain uninformed on important elements, such as antioxidants and free radicals. In order to help maintain the ongoing conversation of healthy, holistic practices, the California Detox Helpline provides an educative breakdown of the two molecular structures. Read more

How California activities complement a sober lifestyle

California commonly brings to mind images of fun in the sun. Whether it is the allure of Hollywood glamour, its wide and expansive vineyards or the sandy beaches, the Golden State seems to sow seeds of good times throughout its soil. In addition to its fair share of recreation, these activities can be beneficial for substance-based recovery. Before looking into residential treatment centers in California, there are some helpful alternatives that can support a sober lifestyle.

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