Alcohol at the friendly neighborhood store: A new menace

Alcohol at the friendly neighborhood store: A new menace

It is an accepted truth that alcohol consumption is detrimental to health and well-being. However, the number of people indulging in drinking has grown so dramatically that drinking alcohol is not considered a taboo anymore. One of the reasons for the increased prevalence of drinking is the availability of alcohol at commonplaces, such as bookstores, amusement parks and, of course, shopping malls.

Despite the dangerous physical and psychological implications, the easy availability of alcohol is turning drinking into a matter of pastime. As such, drinking is a dangerous and often life-threatening affair. Due to the increased acceptance of the above trend, many public health researchers have raised red flags about overindulgence in drinking.

Easy availability of alcohol leads to increased drinking problems

Drinking is considered an enjoyable activity and many people indulge in alcohol to unwind from their day-to-day stress. While some people do not consume alcohol above the defined limit, many become addicted to it. Though the outing to such commonplaces might start for entertainment, people eventually become dependent on alcohol due to the gradual increase in their drinking.

People usually drink less when they start drinking; however, as the time passes, they start drinking and abusing alcohol more than before. Alcohol abuse often turns into an addiction, which can prove dangerous and disastrous for relationships, work, physical and mental health.

Besides the above challenges, the long-term economic effects of drinking include more absenteeism, lost days and burgeoning health care budgets. Due to the easy availability of alcohol, people are likely to witness more life-threatening diseases, violence and accidents.

In short, the easy access to alcohol is a menace that can bring out the ugly side of the society. The problem with the availability of alcohol at bookstores, shopping malls, etc. is that it makes alcohol an easily available substance that poses a real threat to the society in terms of health, productivity, law and security issues.

Though the impact of these new in-store bars will take time to come to light, the communities having easy access to alcohol are comparatively more violent and witnesses more car crashes and emergency room visits. According to an L.A. County report, cities that have more bars and other places serving alcohol are twice as likely to report alcohol-related hospitalizations.

Experts believe that having many bars on a block makes the prices fall due to competition, which may lead to more alcohol consumption and barhopping by people. Business owners, however, believe that alcohol consumption is just an alibi to resort to criminal activities and that people do not drink excessively in these in-store bars.

Get rid of alcohol abuse

The long-term effects of alcohol are dangerous and the best way to get rid of alcohol is to opt for an alcohol detox plan that is scientifically proven to be effective. These evidence-based inpatient plans offered by the alcohol treatment centers in California are medically proven to be result-oriented.

By undergoing an alcohol detox plan, one can start his or her life without alcohol. These plans often use medications to reduce the cravings and repair the affected brain areas altered due to alcohol abuse.  It can be a stepping-stone for all the people going through the challenging phase alcohol addiction toward sobriety.

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