Susceptibility genes determine addiction level

Susceptibility genes determine addiction level

Characterized by obsession, compulsion, and physical or psychological dependence, addiction is a chronic and relapsing disorder that has paralyzed millions of people worldwide. Addiction has devastated numerous lives and relationships, as well as caused a substantial burden to the economy. An enigma, associated with addiction, that continues to perplex people, is why some individuals are more predisposed to drugs, with a propensity to develop an addiction compared to others. Read more

Subtle signs that indicate addiction in a college student

When Tracy visited home during her summer holidays, her mother noticed that she was much occupied with her mobile phone and would go blank in the middle of the conversations. She cared less about her appearance and would remain in her room for the whole day without talking to anyone at home. The cheerful girl had transformed into a woman with frequent angry outbursts and lack of care for family members. When Tracy continued to look disoriented, the mother tried talking to her. After much persuasion, she finally confessed to being addicted to alcohol and asked for help. Read more

Power of journaling during addiction recovery

Journaling refers to penning down the thought processes on a daily, weekly or a monthly basis. Going over them develops a better understanding of the self and gaining insights. Many addiction treatment specialists encourage their patients to maintain a journal as it can be helpful give vent to thoughts regularly and in the process, decrease one’s susceptibility to get overwhelmed with stress. Journaling can help a person to lay bare the feelings on a piece of paper if interacting with counselors or mingling with fellow sufferers seem like a tedious task. It can also help a person to determine his/her progress qualitatively (in terms of learning better coping mechanisms, detaching from addictive substances, etc.) and quantitatively (number of days, weeks, months and years of sobriety).

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