National Healthy Lung Month: Forms of tobacco addiction – Chewing tobacco

The practice of chewing tobacco is almost 100 years old when people chewed tobacco leaves along with the natural mineral lime to be able to taste nicotine. This practice was prevalent among the native North and South Americans, who would either chew the leaves straight from the plant or dry the leaves first. Years later, the practice was adopted by the American colonists who improvised it further to make tobacco more palatable and saleable. As a result, a new form of tobacco was introduced which was both smoky and sweet. Read more

National Healthy Lung Month: Forms of tobacco addiction – Cigar

Often considered as a hobby rather than a habit, cigar has slowly gained more popularity than the cigarette. Tagged as classy and elegant, cigar has emerged as the symbol of a high profile lifestyle. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2013, an estimated 12.4 million people in the United States aged 12 years or older (or 5.2 percent) were current cigar smokers. The CDC further observed that cigar use was higher among the youth, especially those who were in the habit of consuming other tobacco products or drugs. Read more

Different kinds of detox programs in addiction treatment

Addiction to drugs or alcohol can be life-threatening. Irrespective of the reason that pushed a person into a life of addiction, getting rid of it, is utmost important. Addiction can be cured through proper medication and by seeking rehabilitation from a certified center. The first step in the process of treating addiction is known as detoxification or detox. Read more

National Healthy Lung Month: Forms of tobacco addiction- Cigarettes

In recent times, innovative methods are being adopted to spread awareness about various issues. A good example of the warning is, “Smoking is injurious to health.” No matter where one goes, whether in public places or in movie halls, one can see this warning screaming at them. Even the cigarette boxes have pictorial warnings printed on the cover. Apart from this, there is widespread awareness about the health hazards of smoking through targeted campaigns. Read more

Understanding the mechanism of detox

Of late, detoxification or detox has become quite common, with many people adopting healthy living and food habits. They use several means to get rid of toxins from the body. However, detox in terms of addiction takes on a relatively different meaning. Read more

Importance of aftercare post recovery from addiction

Getting addicted can be quite easy, but kicking an addiction is not. Developing addiction takes less time than quitting it. So, it is better to avoid taking any addictive substance in the first place. However, if one has fallen into the trap of abusing any substance, he must undergo proper detoxification at a rehabilitation center to get rid of the addiction. However, mere detox doesn’t ensure complete cure. Even after completing detox therapy and rehab program, a person under recovery still bears the risk for relapse.

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