Addiction, pregnancy and detox: Minimizing risks to unborn child

Pregnancy is a crucial stage during which a constant risk of complications hovers, both for the mother and the child. The prenatal period makes a mother undergo many hormonal changes due to which she may experience an array of emotions and feelings. In addition, she needs to change her dietary habits and lifestyle in order to ensure proper nourishment to the unborn. This may include giving up on certain habits, such as addiction or alcohol consumption. Read more

National Recovery Month: Dangers of cold turkey detox

The concept of detoxification or detox has gained much visibility and acceptance in recent times. With people looking for ways to wash out toxins from their body with natural concoctions, exercises, and medications, detox for addiction (of drugs and alcohol) has also gained pace considering the surge in the incidences of addiction. Read more

How to survive post-acute withdrawal symptoms

Abstinence after a long-term addiction often leads to withdrawal symptoms which can be seen in two stages. These symptoms are important to observe as they can pose a challenge to someone’s newly gained sobriety. First stage displays itself in physical symptoms, like sweating, body aches and hot flashes, while in the second stage, it can be seen as psychological as well as physical withdrawal symptoms lasting for a few weeks. Read more