Caffeine and alcohol together may lead to binge drinking in adolescents: Study

For America, alcohol addiction is the biggest threat. Numerous researches have been conducted to study the risks associated with the drinking culture that is synonymous with the American way of life. A 2015 study published in the BMJ said that moderate drinking, viewed as harmless by most Americans, can increase the risk of cancer. Most studies till date have been confined to the impact of alcohol alone, and not many studies have tried to understand the impact of caffeinated energy drinks taken in combination with alcohol by adolescents.

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Opioids push death rate up among rural white women: Report

Though premature deaths in America have been steadily declining, the trend is almost the reverse among rural white women. According to a recent analysis by the Washington Post, the white women in the age group of 30-44, especially the ones living in rural areas, are dying 47-48 percent faster than 25 years ago, which has put them at an increased risk. Read more