Father’s age and drinking habits linked to birth defects in offspring: Study

A mother’s drinking or smoking habits have been linked to different types of abnormalities and defects in the unborn child. Now, a recent study published in the American Journal of Stem Cells revealed that a father’s age, his alcohol consumption habits and other factors, like stress, diets, weight, etc., can also affect the growth of the child.

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Healthcare facilities unable to comply with no-tobacco laws: Study

Smoking is one of the leading causes of deadly diseases, such as cancer and chronic lung ailments. When suffering from the ill effects of persistent smoking habit, people usually seek refuge in a good healthcare facility to get back to life. But if a hospital fails to check a person’s smoking habit due to lack of anti-tobacco policy, it is a serious cause of concern.

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Fentanyl-related drug overdose deaths on the rise in California

With the opioid overdose epidemic tightening its grip over America, a number of people are getting addicted to opioids every day. While the nation is looking for ways to deal with the increasing drug overdose death rate, the Sacramento County Department of Health and Human Services reported 36 overdose cases and nine deaths related to fentanyl in April this year. Read more