Tips for enjoying a sober vacation

Summertime has arrived and with it the much-anticipated break from the boring is afoot. It’s time to enjoy the nice weather with friends and family and break away from the everyday routine. Vacations are a must for some, but when a person is recovering from alcoholism or drug addiction, vacation time can be pretty touchy subject.

For a person trying to maintain sobriety, it can be vital to have a few tactics for remaining clean and clear while still having fun during their vacation. Read more

Tips for staying sober during the Fourth of July

For some, a holiday or celebration is not only an enjoyable time of the year, but also the most stressful. This coming July 4th is a time for celebration with family and friends as well as a chance to possibly indulge in a few cocktails. A holiday such as the Fourth of July can be an amazing time to celebrate and catch up, but for those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction who are trying to stay sober, this time can bring about another struggle. Read more