I’m searching for some body my age to possess great intercourse with as well as great chats.

I’m searching for some body my age to possess great intercourse with as well as great chats.

We downloaded Tinder last year after my daughter discovered her boyfriend upon it. We thought: ‘If young ladies are able to find love onto it, why can’t older women? ‘

On Tinder to friends they think I’m a raving sex lunatic, but I enjoy sex and refuse to be pigeon-holed if I mention i’m. I’m sexy, trendy and strong. Unfortunately, the men I’ve met on Tinder aren’t.

We hate it whenever males pose keeping alcohol within their profile photos. We additionally hate it if they simply just take selfies in their sitting room with dodgy furniture.

It may seem snobby but Tinder is focused on that which you seem like, so individuals should place some work into looking good.

Despite chatting to plenty of men, I’ve not came across any that have interested me personally adequate to in fact hook up with. We frequently attract more youthful males and sometimes I’ll accept messages saying: ‘Put up some present photos. ‘

They don’t believe I’m 67.

We have human body males can glance at with all the light on – but I’d just meet with the males I’ve ­spoken to on Tinder with all the lights down. “








‘So far i have not had a unitary match’

HAIRDRESSER Chris Northover, 55, from St Albans, Herts, happens to be on Tinder for 3 months. He has got never ever been hitched but has three kiddies, Izobella, 20, Emmanuelle, additionally 20, and Freddie, nine, by two various females.

He claims: “I downloaded Tinder after my girlfriend split up with me five months ago.

She came across some body on Tinder just one single thirty days me but I’ve not been so lucky after she left. Within the 3 months I’ve been about it, I’ve maybe maybe not had one solitary match.

We don’t comprehend it. My pictures are present and I’ve still got my locks.

I’m not really being unrealistic aided by the chronilogical age of ladies I’m trying to fulfill. Read more