Insight into detoxification - 1: Choosing detoxification center with care to ensure right treatment

Insight into detoxification – 1: Choosing detoxification center with care to ensure right treatment

Detoxification is a well-known concept and an integral part of the drug treatment plan. However, there are many myths and misconceptions around it, especially in terms of drug addiction treatment. People addicted to substances often fear undergoing detoxification despite suffering from painful withdrawal symptoms, which cause immense pain and extreme discomfort, as well as remain an ordeal for long.

Detoxification for addiction to substances works by expunging the toxic substances, which get stored in one’s body over time due to addictive substances (e.g. drugs, alcohol, etc.), that had altered or impaired the functioning of the key organs, such as liver.

As such, the duration of detoxification, as well as the level of pain, depends on the severity level of addiction. Hence, a lot depends on the detox center one opts for to undergo detoxification. The current article, part of the series “Insight into detoxification,” talks about the steps that can help one in selecting the perfect detox center.

Key steps determining the right detoxification center

Considering the pain witnessed during detox, it is always advisable to undergo such a process in a certified detox center and under the supervision of experts and trained professionals. Hence, hunting for the right detox center becomes the first step toward a successful detoxification process.

In most cases, an authentic detox center will have detox professionals trained in reducing the pain caused due to withdrawal symptoms and providing effective counseling to the patients volunteering for detoxification. Besides being certified for the above services, they need to also have expertise in treating various kinds of detox cases.

Here are some points to be kept in mind while selecting a detox center:

  • Ensure licensing and accreditation: It is crucial for any detox center to have a license for providing services, including licenses for every trainer and guaranteeing safety to patients. Additionally, it should be accredited by its state to ensure evidence-based treatments.
  • Check success rate: One should not get attracted toward a center merely on the basis of its long list of achievements exhibited during enquiry. Instead, the person should ask for evidences, records and proofs to substantiate the center’s claims.
  • Provision of aftercare services: Since recovery from addiction also needs aftercare treatments to prevent a relapse, it is important for the detox center to offer aftercare services to the patients even after they leave the center.
  • Cross-check prices to determine coverage: As prices of treatments differ, one should ensure to check the pricing of treatment plans of the detox center. Moreover, the coverage for the detox depends on the pricing of the treatment. It is essential to cross-check the prices to determine the availability of the coverage under the insurance plan for detox.
  • Ensure a clean environment: Last but not the least, one should look for a center that is not only clean but also strict about the hygiene standards. The atmosphere of the center should be warm, welcoming and friendly to make the patient feel at ease.

Right detox center ensures faster recovery

Even though choosing the right detox center is the first major step toward recovery from addiction, another preliminary step is to read and study about detox. It is very important to have a fair idea about detox, including different processes involved, before entering a detox center. Having an understanding of detox will further help the patient in accepting and overcoming the detox process.

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