Drinking in prom parties may be dangerous for teens

Drinking in prom parties may be dangerous for teens

Prom is, supposedly, one of the most memorable nights in a teenager’s life. It marks the culmination of school and commencement of a new and exciting college life. Most of the teens associate this event with the beginning of adulthood and start feeling grown up and mature. This urges them to experiment with alcohol or other illegal substances, despite being underage. Unfortunately, they often end up drinking excessively, or, at times, indulging in other illegal drugs to experience a “high,” or unprotected sexual behavior, or even drunk driving.

Possible repercussions of drinking during prom night

Most of the teens visualize prom nights as a special opportunity to make plans with their friends in the hope of having a great time. However, indulging in alcohol can completely turn the tide and present many dangerous situations, most of which take place post-midnight when one is exhausted, with temptations on an all-time high and guards down. Some of the repercussions of indulging in alcohol in prom parties are:

Drunk driving: Numerous teenagers drink outrageously during prom parties, owing to peer pressure or the feeling of being an adult, which leads to binge drinking, alcohol poisoning, drunk driving and other mishaps. Traffic accidents are the number one cause of death among the teens aged 12-19 years, with as many as 1000 teens succumbing to preventable tragedies on their prom nights, as per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Unprotected sex: Overindulgence in alcohol or a substance might make the user very aggressive and disoriented. This might lead to several episodes of forceful sex, sexual abuse, unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and feelings of guilt and shame.

Handy tips to avoid drinking during prom parties

There are many ways to stop drinking alcohol irrespective of circumstances. Here are some self-help strategies that can help a teen navigate safely through a prom night, making it the most memorable experience of life:

Abstaining from alcohol and drugs: One must resolve to steer clear of alcohol and drugs, especially in prom parties. Also, one should encourage his or her near and dear ones to practice the same.

Avoiding private transport: One should always avoid driving while drunk or traveling with a friend who is under the influence of alcohol. One can commute via public transport or take a ride from a responsible family member.

Avoiding intimacy: For some teens, prom night is an opportunity to ask someone out. Some teens also associate prom nights as a time to end celibacy. However, one must focus on having a good time with a date, rather than going all the way. This is because most of the teens are high on alcohol and drugs and this might preclude them from practicing safe sex.

Planning in advance: A lot of trouble can be evaded if one is clear about his or her expectations from the prom night. Going to a prom party should be considered as a night of a heartwarming get-together, where all the high school teens might be meeting for the last time. In fact, one should consciously strive to stay in a group and avoid solo activities, and discuss remaining sober during that night with the friends, well in advance.

In the last couple of years, many schools across America have been proactively spreading awareness associated with the hazard of underage drinking. Sobriety contracts, use of breath analyzers and visible police support have been used as the most common deterrent measures.

Seeking professional help

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