10 surefire ways to stay away from alcohol

10 surefire ways to stay away from alcohol

Quitting alcohol is never easy, and for some people, it might be a lifelong struggle owing to the painful withdrawal symptoms. However, it is important to understand that alcohol addiction can cause extreme distress and complications in one’s life. Therefore, one must be determined in his/her resolve to quit alcohol.

Listed below are a few simple tips, which can help an individual not only stay away from alcohol but also break the cycle of sobriety and relapse:

  1. During withdrawal, one might feel dehydrated and nauseated. It is thus helpful to increase the intake of fluids, especially the ones containing electrolytes.
  2. It is always effective to have a friend or a family member around when one is trying to quit alcohol. Feeling alone might tempt one to relapse.
  3. It is also important to remember that one is not alone in his/her decision to quit alcohol. Millions of people are doing it and going through a withdrawal process, navigating through the uncomfortable phase, and emerging as winners. One must stand in solidarity with them and stay strong.
  4. One must perceive craving as a wave that builds up, peaks and then retreats. Sometimes, many such waves come together. There is no need to fight these waves/cravings for they will eventually dissipate. Just have patience.
  5. Going through the process of detox can be overwhelming. In preparation, one may write a letter to the self, stating all the reasons for going through the detox. And then, whenever an individual feels vulnerable, he/she can pull out this letter and read it.
  6. One must avoid high-risk situations like stacking alcohol at home or work and getting in touch with old drinking buddies. Also, one must avoid visiting social settings where alcohol is served.
  7. Proper nutrition and hydration are central to healing physical and mental health. The deficiencies of macro and micronutrients can lead to anxiety and depression, which can tip a relapse. Eating healthy helps reduce cravings by optimizing the absorption of amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
  8. One must devote regular time to some form of exercise, as it is known to stimulate some of the same circuits and centers as alcohol. It is important to start out slowly yet remain steady. Going for a brisk walk, breathing exercises, yoga and mindfulness can be immensely helpful. One should also incorporate some form of strength training.
  9. Alcohol is powerless in front of anyone who makes a strict resolve to quit. It is thus essential to stop playing the victim as that would act as an excuse to keep drinking.
  10. One must follow the do or die principle. Just because one had a relapse in the past, does not mean that one should stop trying to reach his/her sobriety goals. It is important to start from where one left.

Dealing with addiction

Abusing or developing dependence to any form of addictive substances, whether it is alcohol or any other drugs, can be dangerous. Addiction can create chaos in one’s life, destroy relationships, create work-life stress and can give birth to a litany of health problems like diseases of heart, liver and kidney, various types of cancers, as well as increased risk for HIV infection and unwanted pregnancies. However, it is possible to squash any form of addiction with a successful detox.

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